Our goal is to fly out to the world from Osaka, Japan as a small but prominent company.

Based on the founder's spirit, “to be the best rather than the biggest”, we serve our society through production of drugs.

Our aims are “Distinguished Research, Superior Products, and Explicit Information”.

Fujimoto Pharmaceutical Corporation


August 8, 1933

Total Capital

80,000,000 Yen

Principal Shareholders

Fujimoto Enterprise

Number of Employees


Business Affairs

Manufacturing, Marketing, Export and Import of Pharmaceutical products

Small, but "Fujimoto-ness"

Our Research Institute has been established with the most update equipments and facilities in the Yamato prairie, thrived by the mother nature at the foot of Mt. Nijou, the midst of which has been adored by Japanese folk as their soul ascribed to it ever since the Manyo era (the 7th and 8th century). This environment on hand, young researchers tirelessly search for a wide range of quality pharmaceutical products credible by the public, holding the attitude of  "Exploiting the known leads to uncovering the unknown".

Prescription Drugs Being Marketed by Fujimoto Pharmaceutical Corporation


Head Office

1-3-40 Nishiotsuka, Matsubara, Osaka 580-8503 JAPAN


+81 72 332 5151


+81 72 334 6757



The above characters, which read "On-Ko-Chi-Shin", are taken from the Analects of Confucius.

The meaning is,  "He that would know what shall be, must consider what has been."

Not afraid of possible failing, let's challenge difficulties and risks in hopes of fruitful results. Medicine is for the people, for the patient, not for the profit. Profits follow.

We are all on this earth together. Believing in that our medications provide people with dreams through their healthy living, and for the sake of patients we explore the fields to which no one has ventured yet. This is the founder's spirit.

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